Our Company

EDP has become known for storage media of all technologies as a manufacturer of barcode labels. Since the company was founded , EDP has expanded its original portfolio continuously and today offers comprehensive and combined expertise in two core competencies:

Core competence "Barcode Labels and magnetic tapes"

EDP is the world market leader in barcode label for storage media. EDP is certified by all leading Library and Tape manufacturers. The initial portfolio was expanded to include labeled and unlabeled tapes, customized offline archiving and data safes and fire proof security rooms. Disk conversion, Rescue and destruction round out the program.

Core competence "Data Centers and IT Rooms"

This includes the width of the offering consulting and planning to build a complete data center or IT room with IT equipment such as 19"racks , KVM or IP switching, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions to IT relocation and IT hardware and room cleaning.

What we stand for

You get personal attention and caregivers with personality! Learn reliability, honest statements and real expertise ! Experience a team that you really listening!


A strength of EDP Vertriebs GmbH is to focus on selected clients and cater to them a long-term , honest and trusting partnership . So we can make sure to also address your specific needs . The individual, personal care is our passion and strength. The results are long-term partnerships and successful IT projects.


You want to benefit from a partner who not only takes up new developments , but actively shaped and you as a customer involving early? That's why we only work with branded products and manufacturers that provide us this.


We work with reputable suppliers and so can all the benefits of favorable buying conditions , rapid inventory turnover and short distances easily pass on to you.


Qualified and dedicated staff ensure that expert advice on the best economic and technological solution will be used. This personal advice and support before and after purchase, combined with a high quality of service, EDP secure its position in the market as the preferred IT partner. The name EDP stands for competence , innovation and customer-oriented solutions.

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