Archiving and storage solutions for archiving your media in the office

Archiving and storage of all media in data media cabinets, data media racks, turtle media cases or fireproof media safes.

No matter whether you want to archive only 100 or several thousand disk, and whether you want to archive's just a media-type or different media, such as 3580/90, LTO, DLT, IBM Magstar MP or CD-ROM - in our modular system finds all its proper place. We will send you a plan on how you can set up your shelves and cabinets, or even a room sketch, so you can see how the room could look decorated.

MedienschränkeMedia Cabinets

Flexible enclosure systems for archiving data sources of different types, in one place:
• media cabinet with telescopic extension
• media cabinet with roller shutter

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Medienkoffer / Turtle-CasesMedia Bags / Turtle Cases

Turtle media transport case provide excellent protection for all types of media. Whether they want to transport, send or store the media.

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MedienregaleMedia Racks

Smaller amounts of data carriers are conveniently archived in the stretch rack. These shelves there is a single and double sided. And according to easy to install Nozzle, the double capacity again.

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MediensafesMedia Safes

DUPLEX system for combined security against fire and burglary. Fire Safety to 1090° C, EN 1047-1. Insurance cover of up to € 400,000. Capacity for up to 18,900 volumes. Reliable protection against fire, corrosive fumes, fire fighting water effects.

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