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LTO Ultrium tapes

LTO Barcode label / LTO6, LTO5, LTO4, LTO3, LTO2, LTO1

3592 tapes

3592 BarcodeLabel / 3592 JA + 3592 EX JB + 3592 Adv. JC

DLT/S-DLT tapes

DLT / S-DLT Barcode label

4mm/8mm tapes

4mm DAT and DDS barcode labels for 8mm tapes + barcode label for AIT, VXA and Mammoth tapes

T10000 tapes

T10000 Barcode label

3570 Magstar MP + 3480-9940 tapes

3570 Magstar MP + 3480/3490 3580/3590 9840/9940

MO, UDO, Optikal Discs

Optical Disc barcode label for MO and UDO discs


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