ENASYS Express Full Asset Tracking Kit

ENASYS ExpressThe ENASYS Express Full Asset Tracking Kit provides organizations with a specialized RFID / barcode solution for accurate inventory control and tracking of computers, servers and other IT equipment and provides information on whereabouts of assets in a fraction of the usual time.

Periodic inventories and audits of other assets such as barcode tape media, physical folders and records can now be performed efficiently and hardware such as medical devices and testing equipment are monitored efficiently.

ENASYS Express helps companies to implement a comprehensive solution and the first steps to an enterprise-wide asset tracking system.

A Part of the package is ENASYS Express a high-performance reader, which can communicate via Bluetooth wireless technology with a wide range of host devices. This reader has been specially developed for the maintenance data logging sensitive operating equipment that require regular inspection.

Among the many advantages of the system include:

  • Increased reliability and security
  • Facilitated compliance with audit and compliance requirements
  • Lower insurance costs and taxes
  • Increased productivity thanks to 10x speed RFID compared to manual recording


The Express Full Asset Kit contains:

  • EnaSys Express™ Software
  • Robust portable RFID reader and barcode scanner
  • Charger and Adapter Set
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Selection of 100 RFID tags / Barcode Labels
  • License for the tracking of up to 1000 Assets
  • 1 GB Tablet, 7 Inches


With the powerful import function to convert external Excel spreadsheets
in customizable templates for customized inventory and audit procedures.

Hardware specifications

  • 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader
  • Portable USB charger with 1.2m cable and Universal Adapter Set
  • 1 GB Tablet, 7 Inches

Software specifications

  • Provides detailed graphical display inventory during the application of asset tags with bar code labels or RFID tags
  • Color-coded display findable, missing and additional assets and "lost" Tags
  • Switching between RFID and barcode modes by pressing a button

Tags/Advanced Features

  • Registration- & inventory functionality
  • Several inventory events with customizable name
  • Each asset can have multiple registered RFID and barcode tags feature
  • Data load with reusable customizable template for data import
  • Automation through batch file commands

Business Services

  • Optional analysis of asset data for best use of predefined import formats
  • Installation package and remote installation support on request

The powerful ATOMS Software Engine

  • Self-Service Online Portal
  • Extensive Support website with FAQs, user documentation and downloads
  • Create custom templates set-up with minimal configuration
  • Fewer clicks and less effort in the implementation of similar processes
  • Larger screen and enhanced functionality of the handsets
  • Recognition "lost" Tags and pairing the enrollment process
  • Transmission between wirelessly connected PCs, tablets and other mobile devices

For more complex and data-intensive asset tracking, customized
Reporting, chain of custody and parent Asset Management are ENASYS
Standard and Enterprise in 2016 as upgrades to Express available.

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