Airflow Management Blanking Panels promote proper airflow within enclosures by covering unused rack slots. We offer different variants. Modular panels for tool-free assembly can be quickly and easily installed into any 19-inch rack or enclosure with square mounting holes. Metal inserts for applications with threaded rails. Grommet with brush ensure sufficient air flow in raised floor and allow performing the cable from the front to the rear of the rack.

In / on the raised floor


KoldLok brush seals seal the open positions on the cable terminals from long-term and effective. [ ..more ]


Storage Media TechnologyStorage Media Technology

LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO Cleaning, RDX removable disk cartridges, tapes 3592, T10000, DLT / Super DLT tapes, 4mm / 8mm tapes, CD / DVD.


PlenaformPlenaform - Luftbegrenzer

The Plenaform air flow limiter prevent the circulation of chilled air in the double bottom.


[ ..more ]


Gromtec Floor Grommets & AccessoiriesGromtec Floor Grommets & Accessoiries

EDP offers customers and specifiers the largest range of cable grommet solutions fromm a single manufacturer.


In a 19" Rack


The HotLok blanking panels are an effective seal free height units in the rack.


[ ..more ]



PlenafillPlenafill blanking plates

The Plenafills seal the large gaps in server cabinets from favorable.


[ ..more ]


EZIBLANKEZIBLANK blanking plates

EZIBLANK is a simple and cost effective solution to improve the PUE value in the data center.


[ ..more ]



Switch AirboxSwitch Airbox

The switch airbox for cooling network equipment in the rack.


[ ..more ]


In transition


All aisle Lok products are installed with a "non-intensive" mounting system. This flexible design allows for quick adjustments to changing requirements.


[ ..more ]

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