APC InfraStruXure

InfraStruXureInfraStruXure ® fully integrates power, cooling, rack, management and services in a complete solution.

APC by Schneider ElectricThis demand-oriented architecture made possible by selection of standardized components to compile modular and flexible configurations. Through the use of solutions and resources by APC by Schneider Electric users benefit in many ways: by improving availability, adaptability, rapid deployment and lowered total cost of ownership in any IT environment.

Service StruxureWare for Data Centers Power supply
Service StruxureWare for Data Centers Stromversorgung
Maximum customer satisfaction through always-on systems.
Management software suite for recording and management of data.
The more important the application, the more important the uninterrupted operation.

Cooling Racks and power distribution Security
Kühlung Racks und Stromverteilung Sicherheit
Optimum ambient temperature is to ensure high availability.
Modern IT is designed for efficient rack installation.
Real-time monitoring to identify a physical hazards.

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