Individual IT enclosure from a professional

The IT enclosures are suitable for a single cabinet to large data center projects. Whether it's cold or hot aisle enclosures, or conventional vertical separation, available with this modular system, all requirements can be met without compromise. The conversion can be performed during operation. From consulting and planning, to production and installation, through to maintenance or future remodeling everything comes from one source.

Grown data centers

One series concepts

Vertical foreclosure

Detached IT enclosure

  • Subsequent enclosure

  • Different row layouts

  • Various Rack

  • Even with voids between racks

  • For single / odd number of rows in the data center

  • For the row-wise expansion (as a wildcard)

  • Using the ceiling as the upper limit

  • No dusting the cover

  • Integration of lamps, extinguishing system, etc.

  • Gradual expansion of the data center

  • Optimum efficiency level from the beginning

  • Well suited for non-standard racks

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Fireplace Concepts

Mobile IT enclosure

Integrated IT enclosure

Side air guide

  • In conjunction with a suspended ceiling

  • Using the natural chimney effect for discharging the hot air

  • quickly

  • simply

  • inexpensive

  • highly flexible

  • possible from a rack

  • The body frame in front of and / or behind the row of racks

  • As a stand-alone solution

  • In conjunction with in-row air conditioners or raised floor air conditioning

  • Switches with side air duct

  • On cabinet base

  • To retrofit

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To retrofit

  • Reduced air volume
    The hot air, which is sucked from the cooling devices is no longer mixed with fresh air and thus warmer than previously. Therefore, less air now has to be pulled through the air conditioning, to avoid the same energy of the room. Less air volume means reduced fan speed in cooling units.
  • Better utilization of the cooling units
    Due to the clean separation of hot and cold air air short circuits can be excluded in the top rack units of cupboards and under peak loads.
  • Higher flow temperature
    Since there is no mixing between the warm air and cold fresh air more, the inlet temperature of the cooling units can be lifted.
  • Lower fan speeds
    Due to the increased cooling capacity of the air, the fans require inside the lower machine speeds, to dissipate the heat.

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