IT Infrastructure Management

Avocent is now a part of Emerson Network Power

There are high requirements concerning security and availability in data centers.

As Avocent Premium Partner, we guarantee expert advice on the topics of:

  • Ensuring a high level of safety for different IT platforms and user groups
  • Managing different IT platforms, applications and operating systems
  • Cost-effective management with the involvement of branch offices / branches
  • Realization of a high system availability
  • Compliance with current and future regulations and laws
  • Complete cost control
  • Implementation of "green" power management strategies to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact

This out-of-band solution allows IT staff from anywhere in the world access each IT device, subjecting it to a diagnosis and make changes - regardless of the condition or status of the operating system or the network. This leads to cost savings through less on-site troubleshooting, the physical (and virtual) IT can be comfortably and securely managed from afar by a mouse click.

Avocent Data Center Management Software

Data Center Planner Rack Power Manager DSView 4 Management Software
The Data Center Planner software offers a user-friendly and cost-effective way to plan for the IT data center to document and visualize. In addition, he helps cost savings through resource management and greater operational reliability achieved.
The Rack Power Manager allows the acquisition and reporting of IT power consumption from the data center to the individual outlet and automatic alarm when limits are exceeded.
The Avocent DSView 4 management software provides a secure, centralized management solution for all connected IT assets. It allows administrators to access from any location on the IT equipment, to subject them to diagnose and make changes.

Avocent Appliances

KVM-over IP-Switches Universal Management Gateway Intelligent Power Distribution
 KVM-over IP-Switches  Avocent UMG  Intelligente Stromverteiler

Merge Point Unity
Provide both KVM-over-IP technology as well as console server function in one unit.

Avocent UMG
Multi-purpose appliance that consolidates access and control to all facilities and IT assets.

For switching and measuring current from a distance.

Serial Console Management Analog and digital KVM-Switches Analog/digital (IP) Matrix-KVM-Switches
 Serielles Konsolenmanagement  Analoge und digitale KVM-Switche  Analoge/digitale (IP) Matrix-KVM-Switche

Cyclades ACS Advanced Console Server
Secure and reliable remote access to serial management ports that are on servers and other IT network devices.

Provide one or two users, the administration of PS/2-, USB and SUN servers, as well as of serial peripherals.

Multi-user, multi-platform, Matrix KVM switches for real-time environments.

KVM Extension Desktop KVM-Switches LCD Keyboard Drawers
 KVM-Verlängerung  Desktop KVM-Switche  LCD Tastaturschubladen

Provide the possibility, keyboard, monitor, mouse, audio from the system unit or KVM switch to position away.

SwitchView (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?subject=Desktop%20KVM-Switche">nur only on request)
Provide immediate solutions with just one keyboard, monitor and mouse to access multiple PCs.

Control of the server via a compact console (with and without KVM switch).

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